En español Live Chat online. Source(s): Porkatution … Staff member. Refrigerators - Green Light on Icemaker Flashing (Icemaker Diagnostic) If the green light on your refrigerator's icemaker is flashing and the icemaker will not make (harvest) ice, run the following icemaker diagnostic: Note: This is for icemakers with an On/Off switch with LED light only. SHOP PARTS. If it is, wait 3 minutes, and try running test again. Has anyone else had this problem? If it flashes 2 times pauses and continues this while the door is open, it's normal. The ice-making system and the air-cooled condenser need to be cleaned regularly for the ice maker to operate at peak efficiency and to avoid premature failure of system components. 4389102 Refrigerator Ice maker Emitter Sensor Control Board Kit, Ice Maker Control Board Kit Compatible with Whirlpool, and Durable, Replaces 2220398 ADC9102 AP3137510 PS55794 4.6 out of 5 stars 26 $18.99 $ 18 . Click to remove this tagging. whirlpool ice maker with IR sensor quit working. Answered! not open circuit when released.... - Whirlpool fridge French door ice maker Ice bucket V. Door trays Refrigerator compartment A. Yes No. Jul 28, 2015 #2 Hi, Feel inside the ice maker tray to see if all 8 cube slots have ice in them or not. Nov 10, 2005 #1 I have a GD5SHAXLQ02 whirlpool model fridge that is two years old with the IR sensor ice maker. Switch the emergency alarm off by pressing any button. The red flashing emitter light was giving 2 flashes and a pause no matter if the flapper was in or out. We had a renter move out and I have discovered that the freezer icemaker is flashing a red light. The optical sensor light is steady when the door is opened and hinged door closed, but goes dark when the freezer door switch is closed. What do the lights on the freezer mean? Refrigerator; Fridge/freezer; Resolution . My ice maker is not working. Ask Your Own Appliance Question. No plastic flapper. It is recommended that you clean the ice Maker when the "Cleaning Needed" or "Cleaning Cycle" button is illuminated, after 9 months or if ice production has decreased significantly. Inside light R. Glass shelves / racks (depending on the model) S. Drawer / top basket (depending on the model) T. Drawer / bottom basket (depending on the model) U. I replaced the control board and the machine made about ten pounds of ice, but then the "cleaning" started blinking again. Customer reply replied 1 year ago. You might’ve already guessed that it has to do with the water system since H2O (not H20), is the element makeup of water. The light is combined with a switch. Usually if door is open and when open door the light is solid. I have a WRS342FIAW00 Whirlpool and the interior lights flash like a strobe light when the door is opened? Lights flashing like a strobe light in freezer and fridge. The AMBER light indicates that the Fast Freeze option is on. Anonymous . 10 years ago. Solutions: Make sure the appliance is level so that the water does not overflow. The ice machine was producing ice slowly with the red light flashing, and resently stopped making ice. Wrx988sibe00 Whirlpool French door fridge/freezer door open light is flashing. Thread starter ontap55; Start date Nov 10, 2005; O. ontap55 Premium Member. The “On/Off”, “Service” and “Clean” l.e.d.’s will be solid. In this relatively cheap side-by-side Kenmore refrigerator the LED lights kept blinking as if it was an 80’s disco. It quit making ice about 1 week ago. Sponsor See inside of your appliance - diagrams and part photos for virtually every model. 1-800-269-2609 24/7. Replace both boards. About the icons: The beer is tip link, if a tech saves ya … Check if your ice maker. This test the compressor and hot gas solenoid valve. Find the most common problems that can cause a Whirlpool Freezer not to work - and the parts & instructions to fix them. Replaced main board but still wasn't working so replaced other board - now working fine. Ok thanks.Push in on the plastic flapper under it, and see if the red light goes solid. Ice maker wasn't working. The customers were getting pretty annoyed by the blinking lights every time they would open the fridge so finally they decided to call a specialist to fix it. The fridge is new, only about 1.5 years old. I've replaced the ice maker and it still is not making ice or filling ice tray with water. Step by step instructions on how to replace a Icemaker Motor Module for Whirlpool ED2KHAXVS02 Ice maker won't dispense ice #AP3177342 for Ice Machine, Refrigerator made by Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Roper, Kenmore, Maytag, Jenn-Air, Estate, Amana. Whirlpool Gold Ice Maker not working- please help Still making too much ice kenmore icemaker (no ice) Kenmore 106.52552100 ice maker problems Whirlpool Ice Maker will not make ice Whirlpool ice maker problems « Last Edit: March 04, 2008, 10:51:39 PM by JWWebster » Logged May the hinges of our friendship never grow rusty. Flush the water system with 4 gal. Here are … A Good Ice Maker Control Board Is Indicated By: … This will likely resolve the issue. Water dispenser works fine. Share it! The appliance may be in On/ Stand-by model. The GREEN light indicates that the appliance has an electrical supply. It is not making ice. April 7, 2020; How To Fix A Fluorescent Light That Buzzes Or … The water fill line is not frozen. Model # ED5SHAXNQ01 type 25SSA serial SR4145378 its a side by side Whirlpool their is a red light inside the freezer that is blinking red next two the on and off switch for the ice maker. This usually takes between 8 and 10 minutes to start blinking. will blink. Shop Parts; Appliances; Lawn & Garden; Heating & Cooling; Brands; Start Right Here Find appliance parts, lawn & garden equipment parts, heating & cooling … Your Account. Whirlpool Ice Maker Light Situation. The ice maker stopped and there is a red light blinking next to the ice maker control on/off switch. Won’t let me use ice or water controls. If the LED does not flash, the ice maker may have been in a harvest, preventing the diag-nostics from being performed. So, how do you fix the sensing light flashing problem in your Whirlpool washing […] With the flapper door pressed in, now, the LED should be on steady. However, these Whirlpool washers are not foolproof and could develop problems of their own, such as issues with their sensing light. So check your ice maker to see if it is working normally. If you own a freestanding Whirlpool Ice Maker, it’s important to learn how to clean it. Joined Nov 9, 2005 Messages 2 Location mo. Inside light B. JUST ICE MAKERS does not get involved in repairing or replacing internal ice maker parts so I will not be able to help with those questions. Ideas on what could be the problem? 99 I tried disconnecting power for 5-10 mins. The door(s) or drawer will not close completely : The door or drawer is blocked open: Move food packages away from door(s). If you want to play around some more with this it also works with other infrared remotes, like the tv or vcr remote. I removed the icemaker and noticed that the ice/water that was in the … Our ice maker just stopped making ice for no reason. 1. Solutions: Make sure if the protection devices and fuses of … I did some research and people said that their Kenmore Freezer had a blinking red light and the ice maker wasn't working. If it’s still on or jammed, continue reading. I've had it for 4 years and as of a few days ago, it no longer make ice. Allow 24 hours for the ice maker to make new ice, and discard the first 3 batches of ice produced. When the evaporator thermistor gets warm enough the red “Service” l.e.d. Hi, Couple of things to check just in case it is two different problems and not one affecting both sets of lights 1 For the freezer light there is a light switch in the freezer that may have gone faulty. Not sure if this is normal. Whirlpool washers and dryers with hi-end functions and innovative features strive to make the mundane chore of washing clothes easy. Tags . Shelves C. Shelf - drawer lid D. Snack drawer (depending on the model) E. Crisper drawer Red light flashes on the display; Display shows a flashing triangle; Appliance emits an emergency alarm sound or beeps; Inadequate cooling, not cooling enough, temperature too high ; Applies to . Joined Jul 17, 2007 Messages 12 Location Arizona. You walk over to your refrigerator to get some ice or a glass of water and you notice a red H2O light on the display and now you’re probably panicking and wondering what it means. Thread starter Happs; Start date Jul 19, 2007; H. Happs Premium Member. Kenmore, Refrigerators. So if your ice maker is sitting there with ice in it, but it never does anything else make sure it is turned on and check to see if the IR light is flashing. Jul 19, 2007 #1 I own a Whirlpool Side by Side Refrigerator/Freezer model #ED5PHAXMQ00. Free repair advice! Because the ice may not be completely frozen yet, when the harvest fingers try to harvest the ice cubes, the fingers bring up icy water that attaches to the stripper. The pork chops are looking for a little extra meat.. Look at the ice maker to make sure the ejector is at the home position. The good news is: It’s nothing serious! "Cleaning light" blinking and stops making ice. Appliance Technician: Austin, Home Appliance Technician replied 1 year ago. Resquest detail instructions, and solution. Red H2O Light on Whirlpool Refrigerator. Whirlpool Ice Maker Not Making Ice – How To Troubleshoot? QUICK START GUIDE GB Freezer compartment P. Automatic ice maker Q. The RED light is warning that there is a high temperature inside the cabinet. Ask Your Own Appliance Question . Your Account. Using a water supply connection type other than recommended. Turn icemaker Off for 15 seconds and turn back on. If you turn off the unit and restart, it will make one or two cycles of ice, then the "cleaning" light will blink. Check that the switch is still working electrically, i.e. Get more answers from the people in your networks. Now press in the flapper door on the left side and tape it closed. It is recommended to use copper tubing or Whirlpool supply line, Part Number 8212547RP. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers . If the LED still does not flash, the optics boards may be defective. We've looked in the manual we have for a solution but no luck. Look under neath the ice maker on the right side, do you see the red light blinking? The W10757851 4389102 Ice Maker Control Boards - (This Component Tells The W10190961 or the 2198597 Ice Maker If The Ice Bin Is Full Or Not), Meaning, If Ice Bin Is Full - The Red LED Beam Will Be Blocked By The Ice Therefore Not Letting The Ice Maker Cycle Any Ice To Be Harvested Until The Red LED Beam is Clear (Ice Is Lower Than The Beam). Remove jammed ice from the ejector arm using only a plastic utensil so the ice maker is not damaged. Went away for approx 5 minutes then started flashing again. The blinking led light can be flashing a code that will indicate the problem. We can try to isolate the system problem so your repair $$$ are spent ONLY ON THE NECESSARY REPLACEMENT PART. Possible reasons: The light may need replacing. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! What to do if: The light does not work. Next press the “Service” button again. June 3, 2020; How To Easily Replace A Microwave Grease Vent Filter April 14, 2020; Water Heater Runs Out Of Hot Water When Showering – What To Check? Joined Aug 24, 2004 Messages 112,993 Location McMullen Valley, Arizona. 2. Allow 24 hours for the ice maker to make new ice, and discard the first 3 batches of ice produced. If you can't figure out the problem call a Kenmore service technician for help. COMPREHENSIVE TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS FOR INFRARED SENSOR CONTROLLED ICE MAKER SYSTEMS ***NOTE. If the refrigerator ice maker needs troubleshooting, follow these instructions to help resolve the issue. Wait approx. we did all the trouble shooting steps in the manual but nothing is happening. Is this a good question? 0 0. I'm sending a chart for the LED codes. Read on for tips on how to clean the ice maker quickly and easily. There is nothing stuck in the ice dispenser. (15 L) of water. Note: This video is intended to give you the general idea of the part replacement procedure. Any ideas? Jake Appliance Tech - Admin. Remove ice or other items which have fallen onto the floor of the freezer compartment. Thanks . Thank you.

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