You can capture these oases with your hero to gain some extra production. Conditions to get a hero: Main Building level 3, Rally Point level 1, Hero's Mansion level 1 Once you've built the Hero's mansion (level 1), you can turn a normal unit into a hero. I hope you find this guide useful, it is a good way to play with your hero and allows you huge opportunity for fast growth. Travian is a community-based game and no one will be successful on their own. Prerequisites: Rally Point Level 1, Main Building Level 3 At levels 10, 15 and 20 of the hero's mansion, you can occupy an abandoned valley using your hero, allowing up to three oases per village.Depending on the annexed oasis, you will get an increase of production for a certain resource (or even two with some oases).. You can see the following details in the hero's mansion: In Travian 4 onward, hero is given at the start of the game. This is the main mistake I see with most noobs. You can lower the damage inflicted to your hero by increasing the fighting strength of your hero. Prerequisites: Hero's Mansion level 1 There are two ways to do that. Bonus of the hero is given depending on the tribe that player choose. Hero can equip items found during adventure or bought with silver in the auction. That would be like forcing a round peg into a square hole – it won’t fit. Get to know the alliances in your area and make a decision on who you’d like to join. Send him alone to catch maces that are left at home. Hero's Mansion and Oases: As you can see when looking at the map, there are several valleys that are inhabited by animals. Keep in mind that all the animals above Bear can kill its contemporary max tier travian troop in single combat. You capture nature troops in order of strength, so you will capture a rat, then a snake, then a bear, then a tiger, then a elephant if those were the animals in a oasis, and the cycle repeats until the hero runs out of cages. As part of the new hero system in T4 (Travian Version 4.0), you can now send your hero on adventures, almost like mini quests for your hero. But you can also increase the fighting strength of your hero by adding some skill points to that ability during a level up. Only your hero goes on these, and will gain experience, resources, troops, valuable items, or nothing from these. Woodcutter gid 1 Prerequisites - Clay Pit gid 2 Prerequisites - Iron Mine gid 3 Prerequisites - Cropland gid 4 Prerequisites - Sawmill gid 5 Prerequisites Woodcutter lvl 10,Main Building… ... Travian Strategy Guide Next story Task 12; Previous story Best starting strategy for beginners (by Filip) Adventures available can be seen on the map. Raid oases as much as possible, especially using your Hero. Six Crop Village. Heroes can also produce resources, and go on adventures. So I am not new to Travian, I have played for quite a while. Speed: When you start doing long range attacks you'll notice that most troops lack the speed required. Several items add fighting strength to your hero. Build a hero mansion, and train an EI hero. In the game, the hero… Travian Detailed Romans Guide by Tinasilna. ... which is helpful for a busy hero. To make a hero you must first produce the troop to be upgraded to hero status. If you manage to join a large alliance, other players might think twice about raiding you… #4 – Raid Oases. Residence, hero mansion and walls are built as required. Remember, at level 0 you can redistribute his points, train him in ATK to send him out, then reset it to REGEN for him to heal. Do not try to build an offensive army with infantry, cavalry and siege weapons in a six cropper.

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