More All You Need Is Love #28 of 182 The Best Beatles Songs #13 of 29 The Best Songs for a Family Slideshow. Of course, we are not going to list them all as we narrowed our list to the top 33. Are you confused yet? 2. Popular Songs With ‘Baby’ in the Title Baby, Baby. Songfacts category - Songs with months in the title. Read up for some fun facts and little-known info that will score you maj points. This ranked list includes songs like "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd, and "Love the Way You Lie" by Eminem. Wednesdays are hump day. Some Like It Hot and the Heat Is On. And I hope you enjoyed this collection! Well, maybe not "9 Crimes" -- that track's a bummer. That's how Julio ended up down by the schoolyard, Mary Jane got her last dance, and Earl said his final goodbye. :) MQ: Nirvana vs. Pearl Jam vs. Alice in Chains MQ2: Favorite band that starts with a "C"? The 15 Best Songs With ‘Fuck’ In The Title Here are the 15 best tracks with our favorite dirty word in their names. Article bookmarked. Thursdays get no respect. Hot Blooded. It is amazing the sort of songs you can find when you go looking. Related Articles. John Rentoul @JohnRentoul. ooooo baby baby! All Rights Reserved. Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike. December Events. 18. Naming a song after a woman has, over the years, become the biggest music cliché ever; however, there’s been a ton of great ones, and is thereby prime fodder for music lists. January Events . Songs with you in the lyrics are fair game too. 1. Bestlifeonline.com is part of the Meredith Health Group. Probably no, but I bet you ever see a stars in the night sky. Some of those muses—or characters or dedications—even get songs named after them. "Mellow Yellow," Donovan. From massive pop hits to classic R&B ballads, you can count on these numerical tracks. All You Need Is Love. Many songs with star in the title created and some of them become massive hits. Celebrate Hump Day too! "Rhiannon," Fleetwood Mac. Here's twelve songs featuring the number two in the title! "Runaround Sue," Dion. 49. Since there are thousands of songs about 'you,' it's no surprise that this list includes quite the variety of lyrical content and sound. Wish You Were Here. "Sweet Caroline," Neil Diamond. And if you don’t like it, go fuck yourself. "Back in Black," AC/DC. Fun fact: the very first album I ever bought was a Bill Haley greatest hits cassette. Songs with a State in the Title "Carolina in My Mind," James Taylor "Midnight Train to Georgia," Gladys Knight & The Pips "Jersey Girl," Bruce Springsteen "Meet Virginia," Train "Autumn in New York," Billie Holiday "Old Alabama," Brad Paisley "Montana," Justin Timberlake "Georgia on My Mind," Ray Charles; Filed Under . The song “Let’s Talk About Sex” got many youths to start talking about sex with their parents in the early 90s. The turbulent start of a new decade helped these 1970 songs stand the test of time. This is your official soundtrack for falling in love. You may think your favorite songs are all about the words, but numbers play a major role when it comes to music.From summing up all the ways you can leave your lover to remembering that year that gave you the best summer of your life, these songs with a number in the title are all classics for a reason. Pick the WRONG word: Song titles 94; Kpop Logic Quiz 72 'No' Song Titles 61; Female Japanese K-Idols (Crossword) 45; Score Distribution . BQ: How was your day? 84. There are millions star in the sky, maybe countless. This site turns nine years old today, May 9, and HuffPost Entertainment will celebrate by playing the nine greatest songs with the number nine in the title on loop all day. If your favorite song with you in the title isn't listed, feel free to add it to the list so others can also vote it up. We also included different genres from 1970 through today. Similar song lists for further reading: Songs with SEXY in the title; Songs with KISS in the title These small gifts deliver a major wow factor. Amy Grant’s Baby, Baby is a sweet song, which also happens to be one of the biggest hits of her career. Read This Next. We included different music genres like Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, and Rock. 20. these are fun and playful songs to perfect your baby shower - over 100 songs with baby in the title. This astronomical object become one of the most favourite theme in song. "Almost Blue," Elvis Costello. Classic Songs with a Color in the Title. We Will Rock You. 41. We have assembled a list of great baby songs in many different genres and eras. 1. Let’s have fun with this! "Tomorrow People" by Ziggy Marley is the first song by a Marley to crack the US Top 40; the highest Bob got was #51 with "Roots, Rock, Reggae." Our list does exclude the words, sexy and sexual. Songs with you in the lyrics are fair game too. Picture: Getty By Tom Eames One way to get people intrigued before they've even listened to your song: ask a question! This popular store is on the brink of bankruptcy. The Greatest Songs That Are Ruined By Laptop Speakers, The Best Angus Young Guitar Solos Of All Time, Every Single AC/DC Song With The Word 'Rock' In The Title, Ranked, The Best Classic Rock Songs For A First Dance, The Best Country Songs Of The '80s, Ranked, The Best Songs About Insanity & Mental Illness, The Worst Freakin' Songs of the '80s, Ranked, ALT 98.7's Best Alt Songs Of "All Time"...My Way, It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll). A selection of the best tunes named after a date. The vaccine requires more testing, Fauci confirmed. Little Big TownSongwriter Interviews "When seeds that you sow grow by the wicked moon/Be sure your sins will find you out/Your past will hunt you down and turn to tell on you." From Jeremy to Rhiannon, these names have been immortalized in music history. "Come On, Eileen," Dexy's Midnight Runners. This guest went down in history for all the wrong reasons. Wednesday Lover – The Gap Band 1989, Round Trip R&B. We've rounded up 50 of the best songs with a name in their title, from an early Jay-Z and Beyoncé duet to a Dolly Parton ode to her romantic rival. I Melt With YouModern English "I'll Melt With You" by Modern English is about a couple who melt together because a nuclear bomb drops. And there you have it – songs with times in the title! 49. Thursdays are even known as Friday Eves. You may be shut out of more than 160 channels. Hot Dog. 68. 3. Who knows—your name may even make an appearance. 44. Wednesday Morning, 3 … Note that song titles beginning with symbols, numerals or parentheses are at the beginning of the A-B list. Songfacts category - Songs with games in the title. Let's double down on this! March Events. Whether you're looking for a song dedicated to a certain someone (or yourself), or simply need to complete the latest 30-Day Song … Metallica, Pearl Jam and the aptly named Green Day all made the list! "Come On, Eileen," Dexy's Midnight Runners, "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard," Paul Simon, "Mary Jane's Last Dance," Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, "'03 Bonnie and Clyde," JAY-Z and Beyoncé. "Me and Bobby McGee," Janis Joplin. Your Account Isn't Verified! 77. Friday 19 July 2019 16:52. "Just call me Cleopatra, everybody, 'cause I'm the queen of denial.". 'Two Hound Dogs' by Bill Haley & His Comets (1955) Bill Haley is known for three, maybe four, tracks, but he is so much more than that. The chorus in "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire is "Bada-Ya, dancing in September." 26 March 2020, 18:22 | Updated: 26 March 2020, 18:26. However, you will be disappointed as most songs with baby in the title … 2. So I set myself to… listen to as many of them as I could handle. Below are all the songs making the playlist so far in alphabetical order for 2017. One-Hit Wonder by Song Title (2010s) 33; Top Quizzes with Similar Tags 'The' Bands 3; Finish the Song Title 3; Led Zeppelin Songs by Image 2; Top 100 Bands (1974) 1; Top User Quizzes in Music. You may be here for songs about a newborn. November Events. We want to give the day much respect by creating a list of popular Thursday songs – songs with Thursday in the song title.. Technically, Thursday is the fourth day of the week according to international standards. | iHeartRadio As an Amazon Associate, we earn revenue from qualifying purchases. April Events. "Tangled Up in Blue," Bob Dylan. "Purple Rain," Prince. who inspired the artist. Go ahead and list your favorites. Mondays begin the workweek. So, here’s the rules: (1) The song has to have a female’s name in the title, but not necessarily be about a female. Each song title only has the word sex as spelled with three letters. Songfacts category - Songs with U.S. states in the title. Click the appropriate link below for the ones to the end of 2016. Falling SlowlyGlen Hansard & Marketa Irglova. 33. "Darling Nikki," Prince. If your favorite song with hot in the title isn't listed, feel free to add it to the list so others can also vote it up. That made it really easy. Our list of songs is a bit special as we feature the top 10 song songs – meaning all of our songs have “song” in the song title. Classic Songs with a Name in the Title. Songs with a question in the title: A handy list. Simple concept and some great music here. 107. AMY GRANT Baby, baby I’m taken with the notion To love you with the sweetest of devotion Baby, baby My tender love will flow from The bluest sky to the deepest ocean. ...Just from being in a room with someone who has it. The Top 10: Songs with a year in the title. These are the top classic, rock, pop, hip hop and R&B songs with colorful titles. Have you ever thought about how many songs with you in the title have been written? © 2020 Galvanized Media. 0 comments. Enter your email address to get the best tips and advice. Going through my song list, just writing down the titles, the number one was the most common of all numbers. To celebrate weekday weddings, we assembled a list of popular Wednesday songs – songs with Wednesday in the title. My Wedding Songs is a reader-supported website. "Blackbird," The Beatles. SeptemberEarth, Wind & Fire. Stars is bright object in the sky. If your favorite song with you in the title isn't listed, feel free to add it to the list so others can also vote it up. Are you the "music guy" on your trivia team? Entertainment • Music. I’ll start with: DON’T let me down Fab Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova starred in the movie Once, which featured their song "Falling Slowly." Help us improve Click here if you liked this article 13 . Songs with star in the title – Do you ever see a falling stars? Wednesday Songs. 37. February Events. There have been many songs over the years dedicated to men or boys, but how many of them have actually got a boy's anme in the title? More Hot Dog #67 of 71 The Best Led Zeppelin Songs #12 of 106 The Best Songs with Dog in the Title. "Johnny B. Goode," Chuck Berry. This list ranks the best songs with 'you' in the name, regardless of their genre. 3. In the Source Column, G means the topic was at the Guardian, SB means it was at the Song Bar. The majority were 'meh' with an unfortunate number that were just dull or, in some cases, not good. I was looking through my itunes and realized that there are soooo many songs with "all" in the title. Live smarter, look better,​ and live your life to the absolute fullest. "Behind Blue Eyes," The Who. Behind almost every incredible song is the muse (even if they're imaginary!) #28 of 182 The Best Beatles Songs#13 of 29 The Best Songs for a Family Slideshow, #2 of 138 The Best Pink Floyd Songs#34 of 165 The Best Songs About Loneliness, #5 of 25 The Fabbest Ex-Beatles Songs#3 of 99 The Best Songs with Mind in the Title, #60 of 284 The Best Rock Songs Of The '80s, Ranked#5 of 107 The Best Songs With Run in the Title, #15 of 36 The Greatest Depressing Love Songs#68 of 90 The Greatest Songs That Are Ruined By Laptop Speakers, More It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll), #3 of 36 The Best Angus Young Guitar Solos Of All Time#1 of 23 Every Single AC/DC Song With The Word 'Rock' In The Title, Ranked, #38 of 97 The Best Ballads of the 70s#75 of 1,311 Songs About London, England, #20 of 73 The Best Classic Rock Songs For A First Dance#3 of 103 The Best Songs with Fun in the Title, #6 of 51 The Best Rock Songs To Sing At Karaoke#8 of 91 The Best Foo Fighters Songs of All Time, #2 of 100 The Best Songs with Miss in the Title#16 of 91 The Best Songs About Divorce, #4 of 43 The Best Songs Released Posthumously#104 of 363 The Best Country Songs Of The '80s, Ranked, #2602 of 3,866 The Best Songs Of All Time, Ranked#24 of 90 The Best Songs About Insanity & Mental Illness, #19 of 90 The Most Underrated Beatles Songs#56 of 57 The Worst Beatles Songs, #77 of 194 The Worst Freakin' Songs of the '80s, Ranked#32 of 52 The Best 1980s Music Videos, #52 of 98 ALT 98.7's Best Alt Songs Of "All Time"...My Way#14 of 93 The Best Songs with Young in the Title, #99 of 152 The Best Paul McCartney Songs#2 of 118 The Best Songs With Know in the Title. This was, I remind you, 1977. These are the top hits with countries, cities, and states in the title. Songs with hot in the lyrics are fair game too. Over the course of pop music history, there have been many conundrums pondered by a variety of artists. Lots of songs out there with DO or DON’T in the title. Songfacts category - Songs with occupations in the title.

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