Kelp Forest. Kelp Forest. Depths: 75-250 meters (west region) and 125-200 meters (east region) Wreck Site. The first Lost Sock in Kelp Forest is located at the very start of level, and is one of the trickiest in the game! Post Comment. Grassy Plateaus. It was a new game and I hadn't explored anywhere further than that area. Description Edit. The Kelp Forest is a biome encountered in the Subnautica dimension. Wreck Site. Wreck Site. Arctic Kelp Forest. Those grand, waving fronds of kelp are so distracting. There are six entrances in the western Arctic Kelp and nine in the eastern one. From the first Camper's positon, use the Spring Leaf to get to a platform with a Teeter Totter, then turn left. Kelp Forests are one of the most diverse biomes due to the range of fauna and flora that make their home in these biomes.These biomes are characterized by the abundance of Creepvines, and possesses a distinct greenish hue in the water. They are also home to Sea Monkey Nests, which are a source of Fragments. Arctic Kelp Forest is near the starting location in Subnautica: Below Zero. At 65, -25, 385, a piece of the Aurora crash-landed smack in the forest, and players can easily access it … Underwater Mountains. warp 726 -356 1215. The biome is located in the central region of the map. Bulb Zone. The next Camper can be found via the first one. Kelp Forests | Biomes in Subnautica Subnautica Guide and Walkthrough. Wreck Site. Location: Kelp Forest Entrance. Next Biomes Crash Zone Prev Biomes Safe Shallows. warp 85 -40 115. warp 370 -15 -200. There are two caves under the two largest Arctic Kelp Forests. Mountains (found northeast of Lifepod 5) Mountain Range Caves (located next to the Kelp Forest within the … I was in the kelp forest that's something like 50 meters away from the life pod and a Reaper jumped at me. Magnetite Locations in Subnautica. 5. warp 292 -94.5 411. 0. Do Reapers normally spawn in kelp forests? However, in the northern part of the Kelp Forest, a precarious wreck can be found lodged between the strands of kelp. Arctic Kelp Forest. 2. Wreck Site. Safe Shallows. Safe Shallows. This chapter contains a description of this biome. Many large Kelp Roots can be found in these caves. Its maximum depth is 150 meters. Safe Shallows. Wreck Site. The Arctic Kelp Caves are a group of cave systems located under Arctic Kelp Forests. In the kelp forest, keep an eye out for Stalker Sharks while you explore the deep valley of the forest filled with red algae and rock outcroppings. Location: There are two sections of the Mushroom Forest, each being near the center of the map, divided by the Kelp Forest. Arctic Kelp Forest is a rather shallow biome. It's divided into three separate areas, which border on most other biomes present on the map. warp 68.6 -33.4 398.9. You can explore it without any problems with a … warp 165 -30 -255. Location: Kelp Forest Entrance.

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